Sky Blue Sofa concrete5 Add-Ons Page List+ Example

Page List+ Example

This is an example of how Page List+ works. You can:

  • Enter a value into the search box to search for particular word
  • Select a 'tag' to search by
  • Sort the results in a few different ways

How to start using Maps for Page List+

This short tutorial gets you started with adding a map to your site with Page List+.







Indexing of Single Selects in Concrete5

Making the indexing of single select attributes behave a bit nicer.

Search Experience Optimization Updated to Include Support for Google PageSpeed

A fast site is good for the user in many ways. Are the visitors to your concrete5 site getting the best user experience? Find out with the updated Search Experience Optimization addon.

Modifying Block Templates for use with Thumbnail Generator for Concrete5

Tweaking your block templates to use the full power of Thumbnail Generator.