Sky Blue Sofa concrete5 Add-Ons How the Page List Thumbnail Views Addon Works

How the Page List Thumbnail Views Addon Works

Setting Up the Block

The Page List Thumbnail Views addon for concrete5 adds new Custom Templates to the built in Page List as well as our Page List Plus and Popular Pages addons.


  • Thumbnail size (the size that the thumbnail is re-sized to and sent to the browser)
  • Option to 'Show the first item as a callout' shows the first page thumbnail larger than the rest. It shows generally at least 2x as big.
  • There is an option to 'Target CSS3 Browsers' which will allow the browser to choose the best size to fit the layout of the page.
  • Which area that the image is in that you would like to use as the thumbnail. If an image is not found, it will attempt to find an image in the page attribute with the 'Thumbnail Handle'.
  • Hiding or showing the Page Description, Author and/or published date
  • Using the Meta-description or Meta-title instead of the page description or page title
  • Changing the color, border width, corner radius and background colors of the thumbnail
  • Image display size (the layout size of the image as it is seen by the user)

All of the above options can be set at both the site and page levels.

Sitewide Options

Sitewide options are available on the dashboard of your site.



Page Level Options

Page level options are available as custom attributes on each page, each attribute corresponds to the sitewide setting and overrides it for that page only.