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Address Geocoding Addon Update

Posted by Dave Rogers // August 21, 2014 // in Blog // 0 Comments


The Address Geocode Attribute addon for concrete5 has been updated. New functionality for it includes:

  • Reverse Geocoding. Using a set of coordinates, you can find the corresponding street address.
  • New overwrite policies. In the previous versions, this addon would only work if you already had the coordinates attribute added to the page. It wasn't hard, but it was a pain. This is no longer the case; now the coordinates attribute can be added automatically.
  • New object support. The previous versions only had support for the core objects of Page, Composer, File and User. Now this addon supports custom objects, such as a 'Check-in' object.

With these changes, who knows what you'll do with this addon!

You can find this addon in the concrete5 marketplace

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