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Concrete5 User Events Cheat-Sheet

Posted by Dave Rogers // March 26, 2013 // in Blog // 0 Comments

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From time to time as I'm doing some programming, I'll run across something that I think other's might find useful. Today as I was programming a user import script for a concrete5 project, I was trying to figure out what events I could hook into. Here's a list of user events that are available in concrete5.6.

User Events


Fires when a user is added to the system.

Arguments: $userInfo, $password


Fires when a user is to be removed from the system. 

Arguments: $userInfo

Return: If false is returned, the user is NOT deleted.


Fires when a user's information is updated.

Arguments: $userInfo


Fires when a user is set to active status.

Arguments: $userInfo


Fires when a user is set to inactive status.

Arguments: $userInfo


Is fired when a user logs in using the /login page. It is not triggered programatically.

Arguments: $userInfo


Fired when a user logs out of the CMS. 

Arguments: none


Fired when a user is added to a group.

Arguments: $userInfo, $group


Fired when a user is removed from a group.

Arguments: $userInfo, $group


Fires when a user's password is updated.

Arguments: $userInfo, $password


Fires when adding a friend to a user's profile.

Arguments: $uID, $friendUID


Fires when removing a friend from a user's profile.

Arguments: $uID, $friendUID

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