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Getting Concrete5 and GoDaddy to Work Nicely Together

Posted by Dave Rogers // April 21, 2014 // in Blog // 0 Comments

GoDaddy Car

After building a website for a client, I pushed the code via ftp to their GoDaddy host. Fingers crossed. Everything worked well. Except for the pretty URLs.

{commence Google search}: "No input file specified godaddy"

So many posts and forums telling me to update my .htaccess file. I tried everything I could find: adding dots and splats, removing parentheses, inserting alphabet soup, sacrificing cats (not really).

Then, on a whim, I checked the PHP $_SERVER variable and I saw it immediately. The $_SERVER['REDIRECT_URL'] was formed something like this: ~1BN89205/store/. Rage! Where in the world was that funky prefix coming from?

I checked the concrete5 Request object to see what was going on. In essence, it was removing the '/store/' part of the redirect URL and returning that funky prefix. No wonder it wasn't working.

So I looked around the $_SERVER variable for a key that would work and came to the REDIRECT_SCRIPT_URL key. I had to do was add one line to my {root}/config/site.php file:


Then I had to edit the {root}.htaccess file to change the RewriteRule line to read: 

RewriteRule .* index.php [L]

That's it! Pretty URLs are now working on my client's site. GoDaddy isn't my favorite hosting provider, but is a bit less scary now.

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