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Google Nixes Authorship Links

Posted by Dave Rogers // August 29, 2014 // in Blog // 0 Comments


On August 28, 2014, John Mueller of Google announced that they will no longer be showing or using authorship links in their search results.

What are were authorship links? Take this image for example:


In this image, you'll see a photo and a byline for Matt Cutts. That's authorship. It would let you click on it to see more articles/posts/etc written by this person.

In my opinion, it was a bit convoluted in the way that it was implemented on your website. In addition, you needed to setup a Google+ account to be able to link to. It was one way that Google used to help drive traffic to Google+.

As of right now, this change does not affect the Publisher Links. These are similar to authorship links, but for brands. You can find out more about publisher links in Google Support.

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