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My Redesigned Site

Posted by Dave Rogers // November 18, 2012 // in Blog // 0 Comments


Above is what the redesigned Sky Blue Sofa website looks like.

Originally, when I rebranded my company from Sollos Web Design to Sky Blue Sofa Web Design, I needed a new site to go along with it. This is what the original site looked like:


After a year, I realized that while it was okay, the site just didn't seem to have the oomph that I wanted:

  • My primary goal for the site was to present that we created websites. This was unclear.
  • A secondary goal of the site was to showcase the concrete5 addons that I've created. This almost seemed as though it was the primary goal.
  • The front page seemed cluttered and busy.
  • The search functionality was unclear.
  • The structure of the site was convoluted.
  • Visually, the site just did not do justice to my web design abilities.
  • The reason for the company name, Sky Blue Sofa, and the reason for having a couch for a logo was lost in translation.

So that's where the redesign comes in and hopefully fixes these issues:

  • The primary goal, to present that we create websites, is brought to the forefront with the prominence of the 'Website Creation' tab, the addition of the text 'Website Designs and Development' above the name and within the 'Services Provided' link at the top of the page.
  • The secondary goal, to showcase my concrete5 addons, is still prominent in the tabs, but is not quite as 'in-your-face' as it was before.
  • A new call to action for getting my Website Checklist (which helps you discover what you're looking for in a new or updated website) is prominently displayed.
  • The entire design now has whitespace (both in color and in spacing) that was missing from the original design.
  • The search functionality is more clear as the presentation meets expectations of an input box labeled 'search'.
  • The structure of the site is of less importance now as there are better hints as to what content you'll find when a link is clicked.
  • The design is cleaner and more elegant using sky blue as the primary color with orange as an accent color. An added touch is the parallax effect on the clouds in the background.
  • The sky and blue in the company name are much more apparent in the design of the site. The couch image is gone from the design as it added little to the site.

I hope you like the new site. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions about it.

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