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External Link Tracking: A New concrete5 Addon

Posted by Dave Rogers // November 16, 2012 // in Blog // 0 Comments


External Link Tracking has just been released from the concrete5 Peer Review Board and is available in the concrete5 marketplace.

What does External Link Tracking do?

With my External Link Tracking addon, you can:

  • Find out where your visitors go when they leave your site.
  • Automatically track your visitor's clicks from your site to other sites.
  • Track clicks to other sites internally and/or with Google Analytics. There are reports available to see what has been tracked.
  • Add a class to all external links on your site to make external links look different from other links on your site.
  • or, manually add a class to certain links so they don't look different
  • Add 'nofollow' to the external links on your site so that search engines don't use your link to make another site look better.

Find out more about my new External Link Tracking addon for concrete5.

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