Finally, a website solution for people who don't think like a programmer.

What is ComfyCMS?

ComfyCMS is a website builder that empowers website owners and users to take control of their sites and update content quickly and easily.

ComfyCMS is created using concrete5 technology, which means that you can plug-in functionality to your website using our addons or addons available in the concrete5 marketplace.


  • In-Context Editing
    Updates to your site can be done at the click of a button. No longer does the web designer need to be called in; the site owner, sales department, or administrative assistant can do it.
  • No Assembly Required
    There is a lot of functionality available right out of the box: Forms, Surveys, Google Maps, Comments, Navigation Controls, Videos, and Social Networking, and more.
  • Pre-Installed Plugins
    I've got some really great plugins available and some of them are provided as part of your ComfyCMS installation: Page List Plus, Page List Thumbnail Views, Socializer, Infinite Scroller, Popular Pages and External Link Tracking.
  • Plenty of Other Available Plugins
    Want even more functionality? Forums, Advertisements, E-Commerce, Calendars and more may be purchased (many are free) and installed right from your website.
  • Page Versioning
    Correcting the site content is just as easy as updating it.
  • Peace of Mind
    Plugins and core code are thoroughly reviewed for issues before they are made available.
  • Help
    In-site search, online how-to's and documentation, a great online community, and Sky Blue Sofa: find information quickly and easily.
  • Search Engine Optimization
    Even Google needs help sometimes; add keywords, descriptions and more information to help Google direct viewers to your website.
  • Multiple Users and Permissions
    Don't let one person be the bottleneck to getting your site updated. Delegate site updates to employees: sales, service, IT, and HR.