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The concept behind Jumpstart21 is to help supply men, women and teens the necesary tools to thrive in life. While most training programs focus on ideas, George E. Robertson also focuses on action; giving people easy to use tools that they can incorporate into their everyday lives.

What Jumpstart21 Needed

Mr. Robertson and his team decided that a well designed website to promote and sell the Jumpstart21 book series. 

What I did for Jumpstart21

I developed the website for Jumpstart21 using ComfyCMS, my content management system based on concrete5 technology. ComfyCMS makes updating the site a breeze.

For the design, we went with a slightly customized version of the Vurtikal theme by the c5 Theme Team.

On top of ComfyCMS, I added the ability to sell the books online using an e-commerce solution that integrates with PayPal for the customer's piece of mind.

And finally, for search engine optimization purposes, I included my SEO addon which allows for Open Graph and other SEO 'must haves'.

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Dave Rogers

Dave is the founder of Sky Blue Sofa Web Design. He enjoys working out, spending time with his wife and dogs and programming. He grew up and currently resides in the Illinois Quad Cities. You can find his personal blog at strength/

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